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Conscientious buyers are always looking for advantages and benefits when it comes time to buying a trailer. Prolite RVs has a large range of recreational vehicles that are durable, excellent on fuel economy, and have many models that can accommodate from 2-6 people. Here’s why your next trailer should be a Prolite one:

Lightweight Trailer

Prolite RVs use sustainable, low-density products such as wood, against plywood, fiberglass, DuroFoam. This allows for excellent fuel economy and handling.

Versatile Trailers

Prolite carries models suitable for any kind of vehicle that can accommodate 2-6 people.

Aerodynamic Trailers

The profile shapes of the trailers, as well as the front and rear, offer a wide wheelbase. This allows for better fuel savings, better visibility with the soil and enjoyable driving.

Sealed Trailer

Prolite trailers use sailor seals Techmodo floor, Plasti Fab / DuroFoam walls and monocoque roof tops. This helps to extend the longevity of your trailer and insulation prevents water damage.

Reliable Trailer

Reinfoced wood and carefully installed frames give Prolite Trailers their strength. This helps to protect against trailer collisions and tree impacts.

Innovative Trailers

Prolite Trailers always listens to it’s customers. Our trailers change based on what our customers need.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

When you purchase a Prolite Trailer, you’ll get a 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Made in Canada

Our trailers are proudly made in Canada. They’re made by Canadians; for Canadians.